The ELCA joined the Church of Sweden and the Episcopal Church Oct. 1 in a commitment to working together to advocate for national and international policies that address the urgency of the climate crisis and help create resilient communities while leaving no one behind.

“We affirm that, with God’s guidance, we can do better in meeting this critical issue of our time,” a joint statement read, in part. “We acknowledge the dire urgency of this moment not through the lenses of despair, but through lenses of hope and determination. It is central to our holy calling to treasure the Earth and to care for it as our common home. This commitment does not compete with but surrounds our work for social justice within human communities.”

The statement continued: “Specifically, we commit ourselves to work together to allow the common commitments and different contexts of our churches to challenge, inspire, complement and strengthen one another’s witness.”

Read the full statement.

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