A message from
The Mission Support Team

Dear partner in ministry,

We are so excited to share these stories of our ministry with you!

Across the ELCA we are connected through the stories we tell, the stories we hear and the stories we experience in ministry with, among and for one another. Our church has stories of ministry that span the country and the globe. By engaging with these stories, we become connected to those people and places, not physically present yet still responding to God’s call to serve.

These stories of faith in action lift up some of the vital ministries made possible by the generous Mission Support shared by ELCA congregations such as yours. This Mission Support, which funds the ministries of your synod and churchwide organization, is available only because of the faith-filled regular offerings that individuals give to their congregations.

Mission Support Team

Please join us in gratitude for the leaders who step out in faith to try something new, for the people who open their arms and their hearts to meet people in new places, and for the individuals, congregations and synods that so generously sustain and grow our ministry together.

We invite you not only to read these stories but to engage with them together. We encourage you to ask questions, to consider how you are inspired and to dream about what might be possible in your own ministry context.


  • Victoria Flood Signature

    Victoria Flood

    Sr. Director

    Mission Support, ELCA

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    Nick Kiger


    Mission Support, ELCA

  • Karen Kretschmann Signature

    Karen Kretschmann

    Coordinator for Storytelling Engagement

    Mission Support, ELCA