The lessons from the Hebrews scriptures for the Sundays in Lent all focus on the covenants God has made with people throughout history.

A covenant with Noah, never to flood the earth again.

A covenant with Abraham and Sarah, for a baby in their old age.

A covenant with a community of people in the wilderness, for the flourishing of life based on trust, respect and honesty.

A covenant with whiners and grumblers, for healing.

A covenant for the future, that God will write the law on the hearts of people.

Lent is a time for remembering that God makes covenants: one-sided contracts, one-sided deals, one-sided gifts requiring nothing from the other side.

God sets a bow in the clouds as a reminder to God that a promise has been made. Scripture tells us that when God sees it, God remembers the covenant made long ago, never to devastate the earth with floodwaters again, and exercises restraint.

Lent is a time not only for remembering that God makes covenants but also for remembering that we are blessed by those covenants.

We too can see the bow God set in the clouds. We can see it and remember some things about God. We might do well to remember that God, instead of destroying us, remembers us, sees us and graces us.

We are seen by the One who sees all. Our cries are heard by the One who hears all. We who are small are beloved by the One who is grand.

We might notice that God’s covenants are for us, in our specific need. The one who has just been through a devastating flood is promised safety from floodwaters. The ones who have known a barren adulthood and old age are given fertility. Those who are reckless are given order. Those with chaos and carousing are given healing.

Lent is a time to turn to God, with our specific need, and remember.

Originally posted March 7, 2012, at A Constant Stream of Grace. Republished with permission of the author. Find a link to Laura Holck’s blog A Constant Stream of Grace at Lutheran Blogs.

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