The Revised Common Lectionary unifies congregations and Christian denominations around the world. It helps orient the people of God around a narrative arc that begins in Advent, takes us through Christmas to the cross and resurrection and sends us out into the world on the Day of Pentecost. On any given Sunday, Christians around the world are reading the same set of Scripture passages. There is beauty in the circular passage through the liturgical years.

At first glance, the lectionary may not seem very kid-friendly with its complex structure and adult-driven text selection. But look again. There are vibrant colors connected to each season of the church year. There are memorable images, such as candles for Advent, a star for Epiphany and a flame for Pentecost. There are opportunities to count: 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks of Advent; 12 days of Christmas; and 50 days of Easter. And the themes that emerge from the lectionary readings and the seasons themselves can be relevant to the daily lives of kids.

Parents, caregivers and church leaders yearn for the children in their congregations to be active participants in worship and the life of their church, but making this a reality can be a challenge. 

Enter Whirl Lectionary Sunday School. This lively new curriculum from sparkhouse connects the strength and unity of the Revised Common Lectionary with the playful energy of children to bring a holistic experience of faith formation to congregations. Through Whirl, kids can learn about their biblical faith ancestors, be introduced to the gospel message and grow up with an appreciation for liturgical colors, symbols and faith practices. Whirl also helps connect what kids are learning in Sunday school to what they are hearing and seeing in worship. Parents are then better equipped to engage with their kids after worship because both adults and children entered into the same Scripture readings for the day in age-appropriate ways.

Whirl makes the lectionary fun too. Hilarious, animated videos help kids make a connection between the biblical theme of the day and real life. The characters model both faithfulness and failure in a way that children can both relate to and learn from. Every lesson in Whirl gives kids hands-on opportunities to interact with the selected reading of the day, the theme, and the church year seasons’ colors and symbols.
The Revised Common Lectionary may have been created with adults in mind, but Whirl Lectionary Sunday School was created specifically for kids.