For most congregations, Facebook is their primary social medium—although many are branching out to Twitter, Snapchat and more. Most of our members are on Facebook so it’s the logical way to reach them.
Facebook pages for organizations and companies don’t work the same way as those for individuals. Normally followers can’t comment on the status updates posted by other individuals. So how do we keep the church Facebook page from becoming just a virtual bulletin board?

Profile picture:

This is the widest-reaching impact of your page. Every time a post of yours is shared, this image will show up. An image of an empty sanctuary or the outside of your church building won’t tell me anything about your congregation. A well-designed logo is slightly better. But the best profile photo shows people involved in ministry. The church is the people—show the people.

Cover image:

Facebook has given us a huge piece of real estate—use it. Give insight into your ministry. Share a collage of images, information about upcoming events, or an image that shows us what makes the congregation stand out.

The basics:

How quickly can a visitor find your website and worship times? There are some natural places to put them on the “About” page. But you can also get this most important information on the front page so a visitor sees it without having to click through to a second page.

David L. Hansen
Hansen is pastor of Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, Texas.

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