As you sit in the pew waiting for worship to begin, the pastor announces that the stewardship committee chair will be giving a temple talk. Dread washes over you as you involuntarily clutch your wallet.

Is this your response when you hear the word “stewardship?”

Too often we equate this word with money, but Embracing Stewardship invites us into a deeper understanding of the word and its impact on our lives. Charles R. Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy start by looking at the biblical basis of stewardship. Eight approaches are then examined, letting congregations and individuals find the ideas that work best in their setting and stretch the understanding of a life of stewardship and mission in their community and beyond.

Through relevant examples and practical tools, you and your congregation will not only find new meaning in the care of what God has given us, but by the end of the book, you’ll find yourself truly “embracing stewardship” (2016 Embracing Stewardship, LLC).

Elizabeth Caywood
Caywood is director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod resource center and coordinator of ELCA resource centers.

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