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Congregation: Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Center, Grand Forks, N.D.
Occupation: Custodian at Grand Forks Air Force Base

Special Olympics National and World Games competitions:

2015 World Games in Los Angeles: 4×400 relay, 5,000-meter run, 10,000-meter run. Gold medalist in 4×400 relay.

2014 USA National Games in New Jersey: Unified soccer, bronze medalist.

2010 USA National Games in Omaha, Neb.: Unified soccer, bronze medalist.

2009 World Games in Idaho: Alpine skiing, gold medalist.

My first experience with church was in 2005. I felt very accepted at Christus Rex and everyone was very nice to me.

To me, church is a place where you get accepted for who you are. You meet friends, you sing and pray.

I believe God is important. I believe you can do anything you work toward.

My favorite part of competing in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games was meeting people from all over the world. A lot of my friends and I still talk on the phone or FaceTime with each other. And, of course, one of my favorite parts was winning the gold
medal and breaking the Special Olympics world record.

I pray most days. I pray with family. I pray for my mom who passed away in 1997. I also pray for my best friend who passed away last year.

I share my faith by being a good brother and doing my part in the family. I also like to help out at the church a lot. I live how God wants me to and I always try to do the right things.

To keep calm and focused before competing, I dedicate winning the race to my mom and my best friend. I tell myself to do my best and I get focused in my head.

If I could change anything, nobody would call people retards. I really don’t like to be called a retard; that is very mean.

Most people think people with disabilities can’t do things, but I am pretty good at a lot of things.

People are surprised that I run marathons and can place in the top 10. People are also surprised I have worked at my job for 10 years.

My advice to other athletes is to practice hard and never give up.

I’m a Lutheran because I feel like I fit in at my church and everyone understands me. I don’t feel different. It’s a community of friendships, God’s word and singing. It’s a place that makes me happy to go to and I think that is what being Lutheran is about.

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