In the three-and-a-half decades that our nation has been grappling with HIV and AIDS, we have much to celebrate. Health education and prevention have reduced the incidence of infection dramatically in the United States. New medications and treatments mean that patients can live fuller, longer, more productive lives. Yet in some parts of the world there is still much fear and misunderstanding about HIV and AIDS that results in suspicion and stigmatization of patients. Our church is hard at work domestically and abroad to help care for patients and to reduce the stigma.

Download a study guide for “Stepping up to stop stigma,” which appeared in the December 2017 print issue of Living Lutheran. Written by ELCA pastor Robert Blezard, the guide includes four pages on discussion questions on HIV and AIDS and a copy of the article.

Robert C. Blezard
Robert C. Blezard is an assistant to the bishop of the Lower Susquehanna Synod and editor of Living Lutheran's study guides.

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