Art holds a special place in human expression. More than simply passing along information, it also conveys human experience and deep emotions—sorrow, love, passion, anger, longing, joy, hope and so much more. Art captures—in visual images, musical notes, in words, in sculpture and other media—what it means to be a human being. Is it any wonder that art can help us understand more fully our shared religious experiences? In doing so, it helps fulfill the church’s mission—to bring people more deeply into the faith and help them walk the path of discipleship.

Download a study guide for the article “Mission-driven art: Ohio church gives youth spiritual, creative outlet,” which appeared in Living Lutheran’s November 2019 issue. The pdf includes three pages of discussion questions and a copy of the article.

Robert C. Blezard
Robert C. Blezard is an assistant to the bishop of the Lower Susquehanna Synod and editor of Living Lutheran's study guides.

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