The printing press, which was perfected just in time for Martin Luther, enabled the ideas of the monk/pastor/professor from an obscure region to spread across Europe. The press sowed the seeds for the Reformation and helped connect like-minded Christians to form communities and networks. Today’s internet holds the same kind of promise for Lutherans to share ideas, proclaim the gospel and gather as communities and networks. Across the ELCA innovators are doing just that. Is your congregation taking advantage of digital ministry opportunities?

Download for free a study guide for “A mirror and a lens: Technology and spiritual development,” which appeared in Living Lutheran‘s February 2020 print issue. The guide includes six pages of discussion questions and a copy of the article.


Robert C. Blezard
Robert C. Blezard is pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aberdeen, Md., and editor of Living Lutheran's study guides. Previously he served as an assistant to the bishop of the Lower Susquehanna Synod.

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