Gathering in Chicago Nov. 11-13, the Church Council of the ELCA began its meeting with a shared time in remembrance of William B. “Bill” Horne II, ELCA vice president, who died Aug. 14 in Clearwater, Fla.

In action, the council gave thanks for Horne’s life and faithful service and “expressed appreciation for his wise, fair, and strong leadership as vice president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and his collaborative spirit, steadfast commitment, and genuine compassion for the congregations and communities throughout the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”

ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton also addressed Future Church priorities and the shared ministry goal of engaging one million new, young and diverse people by the end of this decade.

“This [work] takes each of us and all of us,” said Eaton, emphasizing that the goal will be achieved only through the engagement and resources of the entire church body, including synods, congregations, colleges and universities, seminaries, social ministry organizations and all ELCA networks. “We have received this gift. We are called to share it out loud with the world.”

To further the conversation of reaching one million new, young and diverse people, the council received a working document from the youth and young adults serving on council titled “A Fresh Perspective: ELCA Church Council Young Adults.” In response, the council created a working group of youth and young adult members of the Church Council plus other members to be appointed by the executive committee. The working group will prepare a report with ideas, concerns, recommendations and aspirations to be presented at the spring 2022 Church Council meeting.

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