The Wit of Martin Luther

You’ve sung his hymns and read the Small Catechism, but delving into Martin Luther’s sense of humor may be a new idea. The Wit of Martin Luther, written by the late scholar Eric W. Gritsch, offers a fascinating look at the many ways humor permeated Luther’s views and writings. The preface reads: “His wit relaxed anxious minds and annoyed angry foes. May it continue to do so today.” Whether it leads to you feeling relaxed or annoyed, this slim book will expand your appreciation of Luther (Augsburg Fortress, 2006).

Baptized, We Live: Lutheranism As a Way of Life

In 1981, Daniel Erlander, an ELCA pastor who died in August, published Baptized, We Live: Lutheranism As a Way of Life. Since its release, thousands of Lutheran leaders have used it to introduce people to Lutheranism as a distinct way of seeing, hearing, teaching and following. In 2020, Augsburg Fortress revised this 28-page book with updated language and worship references. The Baptized, We Live Leader Sourcebook—with four sessions for confirmation youth and eight sessions for adults—a youth retreat resource and five mini Bible studies are also available (Augsburg Fortress, 2020).

Luther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career, Second Edition

If you’re ready for a closer look at the life of Luther, add Luther the Reformer to your reading list. This well-known work by Reformation scholar James M. Kittelson was first published more than three decades ago, with updates by Hans H. Wiersma, associate professor of religion at Augsburg University, Minneapolis, added to the second edition in 2016. Kittleson’s own words invite us into deeper study: “The point of view of this book is that this towering figure is indeed understandable, and that therefore he should be understood” (Augsburg Fortress, 2016).

Dawn Rundman
Dawn Rundman is director of faith formation resource development at 1517 Media and assistant director of ELCA relations for Augsburg Fortress. She lives in Edina, Minn.

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