This week’s Advent activity can be completed with a group or as a solo project. We hope it will help you create a space for reflection, community and celebration as you anticipate the joy of Christmas.

Advent Reflection Tree
Materials needed:
Mini Christmas tree, or print the Christmas tree template
Mini ornaments, or print the ornament template
Set up the tree: Print out the free, downloadable template or use your own Christmas tree. (link below)

Create ornaments:
Make or purchase ornaments that represent key themes or symbols for Advent. For example, you might have ornaments representing Martin Luther, the Luther Rose, the Bible, a church, etc.

Devotional guide:
Each day leading up to Christmas, take time to read the story of Advent. Reflect on the significance of Advent and the birth of Christ.

Weekly activity:
Every week, individually or in a small group, reflect on the message of Advent. Discuss (or journal) what this season of waiting means to you.

Ornament connection:
Decorate an ornament, printed or your own, that corresponds to your discussion or personal reflection. Hang it on the tree.

Conclude each weekly session with a prayer, or by singing an Advent hymn.

As we continue to celebrate Advent together, take inspiration from other Living Lutheran activities and seasonal hymns to create additional ornaments for your reflection tree.

Every Friday during Advent, Living Lutheran will share solo and group activities, prayers and devotionals. Make sure to follow along!

Advent Tree Template

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