In celebration of Women’s History Month, Living Lutheran continues to highlight programs, ministries and resources that support women and promote gender justice. This week, we focus on the Lutheran Women’s Works in Religion (LWWR) database, a free resource for those studying or wishing to study and share the works of Lutheran women in biblical, theological and religious studies.

Justice for Women oversees LWWR through the Office of the Presiding Bishop at the ELCA. This project began in 2011 at a meeting of the Justice for Women Coordinating Committee with the intention to recognize the writing and research of Lutheran women. The database is regularly updated and continues to invite global contributions.

While it is possible to search for a specific author, title or keyword, users can also browse popular categories such as theology, ethics and pastoral care.

The Justice for Women initiative is influenced by a diverse array of voices and life experiences spanning race, ethnicity, ability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and age. Within this diverse tapestry, this program continues to draw upon Lutheran theological principles to confront sexism, and foster collaboration among individuals of all genders.

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