March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the presence, achievements and contributions of women throughout history and to advocate for gender equality. This month provides the ELCA an opportunity to amplify the vital work it does to support women and promote gender justice.

Leadership continues to be the foundational arena where gender justice lies. The ELCA ordains women and noncisgender men, a tradition started with Elizabeth Platz 54 years ago. Since that time the church has ordained women from all backgrounds and for all positions, including Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton. This inclusivity affirms the callings of women within the church and serves as a powerful testament that gender should not be a barrier to serving in the church.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Living Lutheran is highlighting a few of the many programs and ministries that support women and promote gender justice. Visit the resources below to explore how these programs bring awareness to, serve and equip women, and stay tuned throughout this month to learn more.

Women of the ELCA

Justice for Women Resource Page

50 Years of Ordained Women

Kelly Wilkerson
Kelly Wilkerson is a content strategist for the ELCA.

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