The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has released a statement condemning attacks on hospitals and medical infrastructure. “Hospitals in conflict zones must be protected,” the statement read, in part, citing “two harrowing examples” from conflict zones in Ukraine and Palestine.

In the statement the LWF condemned this week’s Russian missile strike that struck a children’s hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine, and the subsequent closure of the Al-Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza, Palestine, following an evacuation order by the Israeli Defense Forces. 

“LWF calls on all parties to respect International Humanitarian Law, ensuring that hospitals are never targeted and that their ongoing operations are guaranteed,” the statement underlined.

In Kyiv, the missile strike partially destroyed a children’s hospital, forcing patients and families to flee. In Gaza, the order to evacuate the Anglican church-run hospital placed injured and sick patients at greater risk.

LWF’s operations in Ukraine from the frontline city of Kharkiv include support to war-affected families in the city and its surroundings with shelter rehabilitation, food and relief goods.

LWF co-operates with the with the Al-Ahli Anglican Hospital in Gaza. Following the evacuation orders, LWF’s Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem was compelled to halt the start of its planned telemedicine clinics for cancer patients who have been unable to access any treatment since the war there began on Oct. 7, 2023.

Read the full statement.

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