Parables of Jesus: A Play & Learn Book

Are you looking to reinforce and enliven your child’s growth in faith, yet complement traditional curricula used in many Lutheran congregations on Sundays? Sparkhouse has developed a collection of uplifting books with a variety of stories and fun activities that provide enrichment to foundational texts. Other titles in this series include Search and Find in the Bible, Spark Story Bible Devotions for Kids and Spark Story Bible Psalm Book: Prayers and Poems for Kids. Recommended reading age: 4 to 8. (Sparkhouse Family, 2017.)

Riley Unlikely

Riley Banks-Snyder is a remarkable young woman who began her missionary work at the age of 13. In this autobiography by Banks-Snyder with Lisa Velthouse, you’ll experience her first awakening of a call to befriend children in Kenya, and her passionate, roller-coaster journey of joys and sorrows as she discerns what God is indeed calling her to do. Despite personal health challenges that bring more questions, Banks-Snyder perseveres in her mission. God continues to use her childlike faith and trust as a young adult to positively influence the lives of many children. (Zondervan, 2016.)


This collection of stories contains captivating narratives by a talented and diverse group of women from the Redbud Writers Guild. Deeply honest and moving, the stories and poems are grouped to comfortably flow within this gathering of voices. Each author is uniquely discovering God’s guiding hand in their lives. A prayer concludes each personal story, as well as a writing prompt in case you feel inspired to respond with your own reflection. (Paraclete Press, 2017.)

Elizabeth Caywood
Caywood is director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod resource center and coordinator of ELCA resource centers.

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