The Life of Martin Luther

This beautifully constructed pop-up book is guaranteed to entrance children of all ages. Artist and paper engineer Agostino Traini delightfully brings Martin Luther to life in this familiar retelling that will introduce children to the highlights of Luther and the Reformation. (Sparkhouse Family, 2017.)

The Day When God Made Church

This book by Rebekah McLeod Hutto is a visually captivating introduction to the mystery of Pentecost for children. Your child’s imagination will be instantly sparked by the colorful illustrations and thoughtful words chosen in this account of the coming of the Spirit and birth of the church. This is sure to become a favorite resource at home and in Sunday school. (Paraclete Press, 2016.)

When Lightning Struck!

Looking for a way to engage older children with the story of Martin Luther? Teens and younger readers will also have their imaginations stirred in When Lightning Struck! Unlike the above two titles, there are no colorful illustrations featured, but readers will quickly be drawn into the fast-paced action of the author’s exciting imagery. A creative resource to use in Sunday schools and confirmation classes, author Danika Cooley also offers a free, downloadable study guide on her blog. (Fortress Press, 2015.)

Elizabeth Caywood
Caywood is director of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod resource center and coordinator of ELCA resource centers.

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