Frolic Prayer Cards  

“Dear God, Our world is small, but your world is big. Bring peace to each heart, home, street, town, and country. Amen.” Many caregivers of little ones want to introduce the faith practice of prayer but struggle to find the right words when facing the demands of parenting. This deck of Frolic Prayer Cards can help: Over 50 cards are organized by colorful borders into categories of “Comfort and Help,” “Thanksgiving” and “Routines and Rituals.” With its portable size and handy deck format, a prayer is always at hand (Sparkhouse, 2017).

Expecting Wonder  

Books written for expectant mothers abound. Author Brittany Bergman offers a different and welcome take in Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother by acknowledging the uncertainty, fear and doubt that often accompany the excitement and anticipation of a new baby. Chapters divided by first, second and third trimesters cover such topics as first ultrasounds, eating for two, birth plans, and “The Sisterhood of the Full-Panel Jeans.” For expectant mothers seeking a deeper look at how the changes of pregnancy change body, brain and spirit, this book’s wisdom delivers (Broadleaf Books, 2020).

The Lord Is My Shepherd  

Pop-up books give children an exciting, three-dimensional story experience. The Lord Is My Shepherd: A Psalm 23 Pop-Up Book also teaches the words to a beloved psalm. Children will enjoy the pop-up surprises and whimsical illustrations on each page, and their caregivers will appreciate hearing kids learn this psalm by heart. Created by world-renowned paper artist Agostino Traini, this book joins his collection of pop-up books about Martin Luther, Christmas and Easter, as well an Advent calendar nativity scene. Look for his Lord’s Prayer pop-up book later this year (Beaming Books, 2020).

You Are So Wonderful  

Inspired by Psalm 139, You Are So Wonderful guides children through the many ways they are wonderfully made. Simple rhyming text and vibrant illustrations tell a story set in a colorful, thriving city where kids discover how God made them unique from nose to toes, from chin to grin. Caregivers will find reading tips at the end of the book to support literacy. Written by Jacqueline J. Lewis and illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau, this edition is newly revised and updated since its initial 2002 release (Beaming Books, 2020).

Little Mole Finds Hope  

“‘Little Mole, whatever’s wrong?’ asked Mama. ‘I just don’t know, Mama,’ sniffed Little Mole. ‘But I don’t feel good inside. I’m sad.’” Join Little Mole and Mama in their underground burrow as they climb to the surface and look for signs of hope in the parts of nature that appear lifeless and bare. Best-selling children’s book author Glenys Nellist has created this charming story (with illustrations by Sally Garland) about the ways we may need help from our family to see how hope surrounds us (Beaming Books, 2020).

The World of the Old Testament  

Do you have a curious kid in your life? Check out the latest release in the “Curious Kid” series, The World of the Old Testament: A Curious Kid’s Guide to the Bible’s Most Ancient Stories, written by Marc Olson and illustrated by Jemima Maybank. Using maps, infographics and other visuals, this book gives kids new insights about the people, places and things in the Old Testament. This entry joins The World Jesus Knew (New Testament) and the upcoming The World of the First Christians (early church) (Beaming Books, 2019).

Don’t Forget to Flush

Finally—a devotional for preteens that can be strategically placed where they can’t miss it! Don’t Forget to Flush: A Bathroom Devotional for Kids includes 99 devotions connecting common bathroom objects to faith concepts and practices. Written by ministry professionals Britta and Kevin Alton and illustrated by Graham Ross, this book speaks through a preteen boy narrator to provide a way for kids to connect with God during the everyday moments of using the bathroom. (And yes, there’s an entry about washing your hands!) (Sparkhouse, 2017).

Dawn Rundman
Dawn Rundman is director of faith formation resource development at 1517 Media and assistant director of ELCA relations for Augsburg Fortress. She lives in Edina, Minn.

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