Bread for the Day 2021: Daily Bible Readings and Prayers

For those seeking a daily way to engage with Scripture and deepen their prayer lives, look no further than the 2021 edition of Bread for the Day. This beautifully designed resource offers a Bible reading, prayer and hymn for each day, with many other treasures throughout its pages: table prayers, household blessings, prayers for children, and information about church year seasons, festivals and commemorations. A monthly prayer list provides space for adding individual prayer concerns (Augsburg Fortress).

Brave Talk: Building Resilient Relationships in the Face of Conflict

The start of a new year may bring inspiration to renew and rebuild relationships. Brave Talk by Melody Stanford Martin can help. She focuses on the importance of impasse—understanding it, engaging it and transforming it—so that people can strengthen their relationships, even with those with whom they disagree. Featuring vivid stories, lively illustrations, group exercises and a “Glossary of Awesome Words,” Brave Talk is a great pick for your next individual read or book club (Broadleaf Books, 2020).

Crafting Calm: Art and Activities for Mindful Kids

Do you know an elementary-age child who would enjoy some moments of calm and creativity? Whether they consider themselves crafty or not, Crafting Calm—written by Megan Borgert-Spaniol and Lauren Kukla and illustrated by Aruna Rangarajan—offers a range of fun, creative ways to engage kids’ bodies and brains. (And who couldn’t use the emotional support plant on page 32?) With chapters such as “Catch Your Calm,” “Examining Emotions” and “Capturing Joy and Growing Gratitude,” kids can choose from activities that are designed to try solo or with a caring adult (Beaming Books, 2020).

Dawn Rundman
Dawn Rundman is director of faith formation resource development at 1517 Media and assistant director of ELCA relations for Augsburg Fortress. She lives in Edina, Minn.

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