Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop of the ELCA, has issued a statement for Earth Day, April 22. “Dear church, we can ‘testify to the good news of God’s grace’ (Acts 20:24), which empowers us to move forward. We know that healing is possible—for the planet and for our communities. We are not too late. The time is now,” the statement read, in part.

The statement continued: “As stewards of creation, we have many ways to lovingly serve the earth:
• Explore and use ELCA Care for Creation resources, including video, study and action guides with information about the Creation Care Ambassadors initiative.
• Read the Lutherans Restoring Creation story ‘5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day as Church Together but Apart.’
• Accept the ELCA Young Adults No Plastics for Lent challenge this Easter season.
• Participate in a local cleanup (with appropriate distancing) if permitted by local authorities, or participate in the Earth Challenge 2020 citizen scientist initiative, focused on plastic pollution and clean air.
• Join with the ELCA’s ecumenical partner Creation Justice Ministries in advocacy, education and prayer.
•  Participate in Faith and Frontline Call to Action: Good Trouble for Justice on April 19, an ELCA-sponsored consultation focusing on climate migration, food security and just transition. This event brings together people of faith at this watershed moment and calls for the inclusion of the voices, ideas and expertise of the front line and faith communities alongside career politicians and others to address and implement climate solutions.

“Envisioning a world that is just, sustainable and resilient, we, as Lutherans, heed God’s call and take concrete steps to repair inequities and wealth divides locally, nationally and globally. A framework built on hope and connecting climate to economic and racial justice is essential to our reimagining of communities as resilient and inclusive, void of poverty and leaving no one behind.”

Read the full statement.

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